Flint Michigan water poisoned and told to relax!

Flint Michigan water poisoningFlint Michigan water was poisoned  and their children are going to suffer from lead poisoning.

A doctor said that the Flint Michigan water has poisoned the children and they will have cognitive and other problems in the coming years…

State of Emergency Declared in the City of Flint of and County

It appears that Flint decided to change its water supply to save money, from the Huron River to the Flint river.  A decision to save money and someone flipped the faucet and poisoned the residents and children of Flint on a huge scale.  The improperly treated “corrosive water” caused the pipes to leak large volumes of lead.

Then they cut to a scene where a phone recording was playing by an official with a department of the State of Michigan, telling the public to relax.

Okay wow…

The coverage said that the city had an option to postpone or cure the problem but a prevention to this disaster at least… The city had this option that would have cost around $100 a day. For a city’s health and their children, I could not believe what I was hearing.

Amway Espring to help fix Flint Michigan water poisoningYears ago we purchased a high-end Amway eSpring® UV Water Purifier for our water purification. We use for any instance where we plan on consuming it, soups, drinks, ice cubes and more. According to the Amway website and claimed independent testing:

The eSpring® System effectively removes lead, mercury, and asbestos. Even at low levels, lead poisoning may cause IQ deficiencies, reading and learning disabilities, impaired hearing, reduced attention spans, hyperactivity, and other behavior problems. Lead can exist in different forms in water, depending on the pH or acidity of the water. The eSpring System was tested at two different pHs to accurately determine that it is effective at reducing lead.

Its sobering to know that our family and my children would not have been affected by this tragedy and for that, I am humbled and grateful. Grateful to living slightly outside of the box and to question the norms and the assumed securities of this society.


I feel for the families in Flint and the dear children. They should pack up and leave the city and have a State and Federal government credit card in their pockets. A gesture from our fine government to say, “start over, on us”.

This should happen right now.  They should not have to continue to be exposed to or around the Flint Michigan water.

Other communities in Michigan MUST embrace and open the doors to these “refugees” – if we truly care about helping people and their enjoyment of life…it would be, well, neighborly.

Perhaps Amway might want to reach out to families, take a check from the government or do it as a good-will gesture and give each family and Espring water treatment system.

And they may want to get out soon. While some view this as a joke, it is clearly anything but funny. But a new, equally as bad tragedy is about to happen to the city of Flint and every poisoned resident.

The attorneys are coming and its regarding the Flint Michigan water poi$oning.

They are about to descend on and solicit every square foot of the city, now is the time to leave I tell you! Make haste! While I would like to drop bombs of common sense, critical thinking and proper planning to the land known as Flint, Michigan, instead every resident affected should hire an attorney. Yes, you heard me say it. There should be an army of one that stands up in that city and demands an answer, accountability and remedy for all damages caused by this. Assuming some can ever be corrected.

All the best to the residents of Flint, I hope your residents get better, do well and recover.

I will monitor the responses of those out there managing this debacle and fearlessly call them out if necessary. This is a very delicate and tragic situation and it needs leadership and quality thinkers.


Disclaimer: Because of lawyers I must say I am not advocating bombing of a city, or attorneys, just for the record. I care about a city structure much more than that. Regarding the attorneys…meh!

I record calls, you should too!

Important to record calls for record-keeping purposesABSOLUTELY!  I record calls – and have for many, many years.

Years ago, I used to record calls using a cassette recorder with a tape deck and wires hanging out of my ear to the phone and back to the recorder.  This was done for personal and private reasons and for record-keeping purposes.  I do not record calls so I can sit back and listen to them and giggle or anything, who has time for that?  No, its for a much more important reason.  The same reason that you carry car insurance, home-owners insurance or wear hiking boots when hiking.  Safety!

Why record calls, you might ask?  There are a great deal of dumb people out there who say this or that.  Over the years, I have had people post this or that about me saying I said this or that.  One guy in particular, a Dr. Ken Wenzer who has a PHD, (pretty smart right?) posted things that I supposedly “said” to him, promises I made.  They were a complete and total fabrication and misalignment of the facts.   And he convinced others to say the same thing, in a collusion of sorts – getting others to lie to authorities and in online forums.   And fortunately, I have always maintained and archived all of my voice proofs.  Its clear what was said and using a time-date-stamped audio tape has always help me prove EXACTLY what was and was not said.

If you want to be 100% sure that you follow through on the specifics you promise someone or are going to work into a written agreement, you want to be sure you have that outlined as well.  Its important to know what was said, how it was said and to hear voice inflections and more!   It is easiest to speak the truth in your conversation, that way, it requires little review to see “what was said”.   I find myself occasionally referencing a conversation to log notes important to the individuals contact history, or if I promised to send them a link to this or that.

Call recording is key to keep your ass safeIt doesn’t matter if its a legal situation, a customer situation you need to review or an employee/subcontractor issue, you MUST record calls – all of them.  The one time that it becomes absolutely necessary to have the recording, a get out of jail card if you will – you will regret not having a conversation.


INCOMING and OUTGOING!  Check with your State laws but in the author’s humble opinion, it should be legal to record your own conversations for record-keeping purposes, period. 

As a reporter on life around us and a free speech advocate, I am wired most of the time and record conversations of important meetings for record-keeping purposes.  This also serves to later impeach testimony if someone outright lies.  There is no greater defense than a consistent and persistent offense.

But why doesn’t everyone do it, you might ask?  They do.  Big companies like Verizon and AT&T are rumored to use a program referred to as the “Witness“.  It records all calls, crunches software to determine if people are mad,  satisfied or talking too long.  They use software to analyze employee conversations without actually “listening” to the call, legally circumventing the wiretap laws.

To pad that circumvention, they play a little jingle that says something to the effect, “your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance”, like they are doing us a favor – to provide a better service.   Well sort of.  The big companies understand that recording a call is a vital piece to the business model, including security and protection.

Check the law and get familiar with the restrictions regarding your ability to record calls.  Buy a digital recorder and record calls and protect your ass.  If there are Doctors with PhD’s that are stupid enough to lie about things, you can be certain there are just general, plain non-degreed folks that will do the same thing!

Worry about Internet Security and Privacy? Don’t be ridiculous!!

Worry about Internet Security and Privacy?  Don’t be ridiculous!!

by Derek Paul Gendron

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that basically painted the picture of a bleak future with AntiVirus software and Internet security and privacy.  The whole point of the article basically came out and said it:  We can’t stop hackers from getting in – they seized the castle of opportunity, we just have to know how to manage them and what they get their hands on…

Internet security and privacy
I am Hacker – hello!

Seriously, they said in so many words.  Okay to be fair, here is the actual content of what was said:

The article, titled  Symantec Develops New Attack on Cyberhacking starts with this sentence:symantec

Symantec Corp. SYMC -0.05% invented commercial antivirus software to protect computers from hackers a quarter-century ago. Now the company says such tactics are doomed to failure.”

Okay, if that wasn’t bad enough it later went on to say:

Antivirus products aim to prevent hackers from getting into a computer. But hackers often get in anyway these days.

Now I am no expert, but this is quickly sounding like we have given up the battle altogether on Internet security and privacy.  I mean if Symantec is saying this, McAfee is probably thinking in the same direction as are most of the other smaller companies out there.  Does that concern anyone?    Hey, they are getting too good so let’s just invite them in and keep our drunk friend from throwing up on our carpet…


And then, they are quoted as saying:  Antivirus “is dead,” says Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security. “We don’t think of antivirus as a moneymaker in any way.”

Okay did he mean that its dead, they can stop it or did he mean, its dead we can’t make any money at it dead?

And then later in the article after discussing the “pickle”, Symantec was in as 40% of their revenue is yielded from antivirus protection market, did they say they would stop taking people’s money for this dead market?


Even though in the article they mention that Symantec is only catching around 45% of the attacks, no where was there a mention that they reduced the price of their services and software.  I mean, if they can only provide a 45% efficiency rate, shouldn’t they think about offering a discounted service price?

Okay, I am diverting a bit.

Now I am not trying to beat up Symantec.  This article along with many others and including the Heartbleed revelation, I find myself pondering more on the topics of Internet security and privacy.  In a world where everyone spills their guts in blogs like this and on mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter what can or better yet, what should we expect to receive in the way of a Secure and Private travels of the internet?

I think what its coming down to is that the customer just doesn’t care as much as they used to .  Sure, everyone is concerned about Internet security and privacy, we get it.  But we also like convenience, free apps, free email and lots of free and convenient things online.  I mean could you imagine a world where you had to pay for a game so you could maintain your privacy?  I think not!

We will continue to click everything and anything, things forwarded us and those that entertain us via Stumbleupon, Facebook or just about everywhere else.  We will be traveling the internet highways and studying what the world has to offer and every once in awhile, sit down to think about Internet security and privacy.

I mean, really, really think about those words….if you please.   Internet security and privacy.

Lest we forget….



Scammed by Ripoffreport

Ripoffreport LIED about Derek Paul Gendron

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FACT:   6,006 results for Derek Gendron – Google Search

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FACTThere is a different Derek Gendron in Florida with an arrest record:

This is not me!!
This is not me!!

FACT:  People often cite and confuse the two (of over 100) Derek Gendron’s

FACT:  In reading RipoffReports sham site, you probably did too!

FACT:  You are not alone.

Please, do yourself a favor and stop referencing this trash of a website.  If someone posts on Ripoffreport you are pedophile or murderer, you know what you can do about it?  NOTHING!  And when it happens to you, perhaps you will create a website like this to defend your good name!
TO HELL WITH Ripoffreport.com and the competitors and scammers who use it to destroy the good names of those citizens of this country, former U.S. Marines who served the country and who have chlidren and families.
TO HELL WITH those who read it and believe it – we have no place in OUR LIVES for them!
FACT:  You believe the real truth now or are you those who believe tabloids?
NOW ON TO THE ARTICLE ABOUT RECORDING CALLS – Its necessary because those who post this trash, also lie and there is nothing more powerful than the truth!
And for God’s sake, clean up your browser and computer, these
companies are tracking every move you make, every post and every site you visit.  Stop wasting time on this earth reading trash that excites you and makes you look for an excuse not to move forward in life…. Best wishes!
The real Derek Gendron.


*  This is a fair use, public service announcement protected by the First Amendment.  Any images used are used in compliance with all laws as they reference my person, my name or are benefiting using my identifiers.  All rights reserved. Publication of this information does not relieve any claims I may have against any and all parties regarding these posts and the viewing of said posts.

Bad Attorney – the larve on a steaming pile of dung

Bad attorneys, bad lawyer

Bad Attorney – leaving their stench on the landscape.

The U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States of America. Here is what Chief Justice Warren Burger had to say about bad attorneys:

“75 to 90 percent of American Trial Lawyers are incompetent, dishonest or both”

Bad Attorney, bad lawyer
Bad Attorneys!


How is that possible?  Wait, I guess I should say, we know its possible, but how does that continue to be a possibility.  Are they breeding with other bad attorneys?  Do they put their penises into each other like they do their clients so that they spread the idiocracy?

I watch bad attorney after bad attorney post in the Craigslist legal forums, spamming ad after spamming ad.  They are trying to solicit business as counselors of law when Craigslist’s policy is clearly ONE listing in a single category in one 48 hour period.  I get it and I am an uneducated non-lawyer spokesman.  I feel for the simple who hire those morons, truly fitting into Chief Justice’s percentile.

I think its funny…sort of.  When it comes to legal issues having a bad attorney is NOT a laughing matter.  I mean it could be the difference between going to jail and living the rest of your life free with family and loved ones.  It is just funny that it can be so rampant, so readily available and out there and continuing on even as you read this!

People out there, you have been warned by the former Chief Justice of the highest court in this land.  More than likely this man knew what he was talking about and it was not an off the cuff comment.   I mean its probably pretty hard to get a position on the Supreme Court bench, much less become the “Chief Justice”.

Stay attentive to which bad attorney you hire if you have a legal issue, it certainly will matter….and for God’s sake, flag the morons on Craigslist before they hurt themselves, or someone else, lol.


Quitters never win…in fact, they don’t even start the competition!

Quitters never win – they finish the race!

I have had the fortune to talk to many people in the past couple years, those searching for businesses and the path to financial freedom. Its been very interesting and I have spoken to people of all types and educations. The quality of people on this earth is very breathtaking, even for those who lack any sort of ambition or quality of action.

Case in point. I got to know a Professor, someone who spent their life in school, supposedly learning and becoming smarter, more educated, wiser. A supposed PHD who really couldn’t understand the beginnings of commerce or common sense. A person who didn’t know how to take the pen and formulate a sentence that couldn’t get him in trouble – not a real clear thinker. And this was evident in our conversations. I feel sorry for those type of people.

People that have spent a fortune on an education that has not served them well at all. An “education” that has not fixed the core of what they need in their life, a fix of themselves. This happens only by looking inward and making change.

And change comes with action and a engrained designer to not be labeled a quitter.  Quitters never win and that is the ultimate failure in this world.  If you are a quitter as a parent, a student, a teacher, a business owner –  you name it.  Quitters never win, Quitters never winperiod.

Instead, this person was bridled with fear, educated enough to place blame on anyone but himself for his misfortunes in life. Fear drives some to take action, others to cower and avoid action at all cost. And pride causes those that cower to place blame on others. Its laughable but then sobering. Again, I feel sorry for those who cannot take action in life, those who have heard growing up that quitters never win, yet embrace the title as quitter.  They wear it, embrace it and learn nothing from that valuable life lesson!

The collective experiences I have had with people who have degrees, who don’t have degrees, and those who are actively pursuing the American Dream are vast and could fill volumes of books on the topic. I may write about it one day in great detail…

In the meantime, let’s embrace those who take action and achieve!

Facebook – Good or bad for a free democracy?


In my brief experience with Face book, I do have to say this. After being hit with a tomato, having a funny icon of Hillary tossed at me or graphiti written on my wall, I come away from the site knowing that between Facebook and Myspace, Facebook rocks. Myspace is a mess of code, no standard in any sense of the imagination (and it shows in almost every other site visit), its a mess. Facebook on the other hand has a nice, clean, bland standard, something like this site. While it can be cluttered with extras that you can add or delete a will, the overall theme remains clean and unscrambled with code and banners and flash and java.

When I read the other day that Facebook was opening its code up to developers and the creative element, I swallowed hard, my left eye[level-basic] twitched and I readied my battle gear. As a fervent critic against Myspace, I was ready to take arms up about Facebook – the chapter remains to be written.


My eldest son said, dad, everyone uses Facebook- it’s easier than email.   That appears to be true and it seems like everyone is embracing it. When e-mail came around, traditional letter writing took a hit and now that we have the social networking behemoths like Facebook, will traditional communications take a hit as well? I believe that we will see a change in the e-mail process as well as traditional telephone calls. I predict that everyone will be able to communicate via video using your Facebook account either a computer or handheld device at any time.

This will revolutionize communications and wow that is wonderful, I still have reservations about mapping our minds on social networking sites.  People must step back and ask themselves, why are they given us this great thing for free?

In my personal opinion, there is no greater credit report being built then the mapping of your minds on a social networking site like Facebook. MySpace has already mapped many of people’s seedy sides and Facebook is collecting the rest. And then with the data collection monsters like Google, there is going to be a very unique report on every individual in this world, accessible by anybody with money.

Growing up in church, one of the biggest and most frightening aspects to the churchgoing community, was a prediction that we would be faced with the mark of the beast. It was predicted that it would be a number 666, or something that would have to be attached to the body or the forehead for easy identification. And that was very fearful for many people growing up in the church community. There were sermons upon sermons educating the church community that they may be confronted with the decision to die first or take the mark. And the same people that were educated in such a manner are freely mapping their minds and committing their souls to entities that they don’t even know.

That may sound extreme to many of you, and I think that is funny. People could brand me as a conspiracy theorist or somebody who is overboard with the worry factor. But that is okay, I firmly believe that the mapping of every desire and every thought and every image in every activity that you do in your life will come back to haunt you! You may not see it directly, but it will affect your insurance rates in the future, you’re ability to get and keep a job, and even to get and keep a spouse. The information that you’re putting online now, will be accessed by those to make decisions for you in the future.

One of the comforts of growing up in this country was that we had the freedom to say, “the government can’t read our minds”.

They can now.


Warner Brother’s The Watchmen, director Zach Snyder – my review…

Warner Brothers, the company that gives our children Bugs Bunny and other entertainment, has gifted this world with a depressing piece of paid for garbage, under the mask of being a “super-hero” flick.  Undoubtedly, kids across the nation have seen this film, and as a result, have been horribly scarred by the visual horrors and underlying themes of defeatism.   I doubt many movie-goers enjoyed their popcorn with the ever-flowing lakes of glistening blood and horror – and some of you thought the early Halloween movies were bad…


I am simply amazed that such a piece of garbage film would make it to the theaters without a [level-basic]cigarette type warning label, Warning – this movie is unhealthy for children and adults – take it in at your own risk.

Director Zach Snyder was quoted as saying by Borys Kit, “I’m proud of the movie. It does everything I wanted it to,” .  I wonder if Snyder has an agenda to numb the nation to horrors of death and dying, to numb the youth into blurring the lines between right and wrong, to question all authority or to succumb to certain defeat?  Hmmm, perhaps that is what he meant…


To Parents: If you do not mind exposing your child to very visual effects of a person taking an axe to the head repeatedly, in full color – send your children to this film.  If you do not care that your kids develop many messages that there are no right and wrong, that super-heroes and police and all of the system is bad, then by all means buy them this dvd.  If you think there is value in programming kids whose frontal-lobe is not yet fully developed to believe that the only way to solve problems is violence, then this is the ticket.  If you don’t mind your kids seeing a blue “super-hero” walking around in full nudity, with it swinging in the blue lit wind, go ahead…no wait, actually don’t.  That would be wrong.  Geez…

To Warner Brothers: Is it really that bad in your industry that you have to stoop to shock our children and even adults?  Seriously, was there a boardroom meeting where you determined to keep the axe scene in?   Was it determined that this would be “home movie entertainment”?  Oh wait, your staff probably took a corporate trip to Russia to hunt live humans – that’s my guess anyway.  And without any scruples whatsoever.  One would have imagined that such a wholesome company would at least file a separate DBA labeled Cutting Edge Entertainment or something similar.  Nope, just brutal honesty and the “we don’t give a f**k what people think” decision to put out such garbage.  Now, parents and those who care about children and other family members, (yes kids older than 11 – 25 who could watch your film) will be encouraged otherwise when the label says “Warner Brothers”.  ANY film labeled as such.

To Zach Snyder: We have not met but I must give you my congratulations.  I forced myself to watch this movie, to get past the first 20 minutes in order to effectively write this review.  Throughout it, I kept waiting for the film to melt, the camera to cut away to a bright lit stage where a well-dressed director would walk out and apologize.  To shed a tear and say sorry.   Zach, you can do better.   I must say that even the artistic value of the film was a stretch.  You could have eliminated many scenes and made this a watchable film.  Now, parents us like us will have to avoid ALL films directed by Mr. Zach Snyder.  Your talent is better than that.  I envy the opportunity you have to correct this.

Watchmen (by Warner Brother’s standard) is a horrible waste of cinematic investment.  My 17 year old son who was allowed admission, had sense enough to walk out 3o minutes into the film, call his dad and say, what a bunch of garbage.

Out of the mouth of babes…


Batman Dark Knight movie review (Imax, the hype and the plot)

Batman Dark Knight movie review.

Batman the Dark Knight movie review

Well what do we have here? I feel so strongly about this new movie that I had to write this Batman The Dark Knight movie review, it is worthy of a blog post.

I loved Batman Begins. It was a pleasant surprise to see a movie with a well-thought plot, believably high-tech toys and the lack of the Men in Black type humor (humor, said with strong sarcasm). Christian Bale played a great wealthy tycoon trying to find his true soul in the world and struggling with demons that that the audience could quickly grasp. It made sense watching Batman Begins.

Batman Dark Knight is not a film for a minor. I think that needs to be repeated on the likes of CNN, Fox News and other media outlets. My son of 13 went to see the film before me and frankly, I feel I have let him down; exposing him to early and unnecessary horror. The face, or lack of face of [level-basic]two-face (Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckhart) was not only over-exposed horror, it was something that the producer Christopher Nolan felt he should focus on for long periods of time. Shocking to the average adult, this movie is abuse of a minor and should shock the conscience of the adult soul. Is this what our fine movie industry has stooped to for sales? Its obvious, the answer is a resounding yes.

When my little brother was electrocuted for hours, his face was horribly disfigured from the current. I insisted on seeing him before burial, despite objections from those around me. I still saw my little brother and rubbed his face one last time. His jaw looked like the depiction from wonderful Hollywood in this movie – a painful reminder of what damage can be done to the human body. Being an adult and former Marine, I can handle it and am reasonable when I say, I can separate the two when watching a movie with similarities. But what they did in this movie, without warning to the younger viewing public is very, very wrong. It makes me seriously try to imagine how Aaron Eckhart faces his family with this brutal lack of conscience other than to plop a big check on the table and say, sorry… Many, many innocent children are being exposed to something that NO children should ever have to see in their lifetime, ever. Children hoping to see Batman…

In addition, the thumping moral of the story is that good is bad, bad is good, good can be really bad, bad can sometimes be great and necessary and everything that is supposed to be good is probably mostly very bad – and should be assumed so. As an adult, I came away with one solution for all problems, hit someone, hard… I cannot imagine what our youth will grab and set as compasses for their lives from a movie like Batman, the Dark Knight.

Having ranted about the moral blemishes and lack of true film rating, I can move on to the plot. The movie is not worthy of tons of text, my time is simply too valuable for that. However, I will bullet the good vs. bad of the film.

The Good of Batman Dark Knight movie review

  • When Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker was good, it was great. There were times in the film I actually saw the word Oscar, but with a caveat (see below).
  • Imax spectacular views of aerial shots of Hong Kong
  • Imax incredible jump from skyscraper was breath-taking
  • Great logo!

The Bad of Batman Dark Knight movie review

  • Truly unbelievable scenes pushed the envelope to B-rate status
  • The plot carried several open-ended items that left the movie-goer wondering, what??? Really?
  • The Joker was spectacular one minute and downright ridiculous the next, can anyone top Jack Nicholson’s joker?
  • The joker, despite being punched in the face, thrown into walls and glass and physically tortured by the good-guy Batman, lacked any swelling, blood or real damage whatsoever.
  • The media playing this to be a great motivation for the public in bad economic times…lol
  • Men in black type humor peppered throughout. A police officer sees a helicopter start to crash…that’s not good he says, the helicopter drops in his vehicles path and burst into flames, that’s really not good…argh.

The Ugly of Batman Dark Knight movie review

  • Horrific scenes of two-face’s burned face, muscles, tendons and all showing.
  • The overall morals of the story leave adults wondering about law, order, good and bad.
  • The crowds leaving the theater, obviously confused, let-down and wondering if one should speak up to another and actually say, what the hell was that?

Want to read the specifics about the illogical faults of the movie, visit http://thedarkknightsucks.com/. I could not have outlined it better than random posts from some movie-goers.

Would I go see this movie again? Without hesitation, no. Would I recommend the movie, again no. Wait for the dvd, actually wait for the free viewing on regular tv/cable – perhaps the censors will wash some of the visual grossness of two-face (i doubt it). Many of you will go see it, we are generally sheep when it comes to following fads or doing what the crowd will do, I did.

I can close with one certainty, the producers of Batman – The Dark Knight, got one thing right – the “Dark” part.

Huge list of FREE Products and Services – Help this grow!

This will be an ongoing project, feel free to leave a comment if you know of something not listed here, a good source or link, etc.  I won’t update if the service works, what they send, who to contact, etc.  But with your help, I will remove items that are no longer working!

1. FAX FREE: As of 3/15/08, you can send a fax for free at FaxZero.com. Their terms:

  • Free!
  • Ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 3 pages
  • Maximum 2 free faxes per day

I think their ad shows their services, can’t speak for the quality of faxed documents or the security of the information being sent (what they do with the information you send them). Remember, you get what you pay for.

2. Free Stuff on Craigslist! Seriously, have you ever watched a Craigslist free section for more than just a casual glance? I have seen free Baby Grand pianos, slot machines, goats, mobile homes, etc. Its amazing how quickly the items go too. I watch them with a special software program (write me if you want to know what it is) and usually get first dibs <<grin>>. There is a free section in each cities section so check them and check them often! I have picked up some wonderful antiques!

3. Lots of free stuff:[level-basic]

Baby Products & Coupons

  • (800) 222-9546 Baby Formula
  • 1-800-344-1358 Free $5 Rebate on a Case of “Babymil” or “Babysoy” Formulas
  • 1-866-844-2798 Balmax Coupons Live operator.
  • 1-800-523-6633 OR 1-800-233-2468 Free Beech-Nut “New Parent Pack” with Baby Food Coupons. A booklet & some cents off coupons.
  • 1-800-547-9400 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Free Magazine Subscription
  • 1-800-543-3112 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Booklet
  • 1-800-242-5200 Free Carnation Follow-Up Formula Coupons and Booklet
  • 1-800-506-4636 Chilproofing Kit For Window Blinds Automated. They send cord stops, tie down devices & tassels.
  • 1-800-588-6377 X508 Free Cord Blood Banking Kit – Posters, Videos, Booklets, Stickers
  • 1-800-434-4246 Earth’s Best “Mommy Pack” Live operator, very nice! Pack includes coupons, cereal and personal care items.
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  • 1-800-422-2902 Enfamil/Bristol Myers
  • 1-800-533-6708 The 1st years product coupons
  • 1-800-443-7237 Free Gerber Baby Food “Mommy Kit”  Live operator. Kit has coupons & information.
  • 1-800-872-2229 Free Heinz Earth’s Best Baby Food Coupons and Booklet (press #2)
  • 1-800-835-7268 Huggies/Kimberly Clark Live Operator. They will put you on the mailing list to send you coupons and special offers. Also will send out coupons now. 2-$1.00 off & 1-$3.00 off coupons.
  • 1-800-990-4448 Huggies/Kimberly Clark Rebate Form
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  • 1-800-565-2229 Johnson & Johnson Mom’s Kit (USA) Automated. Press 1 to get the kit.
  • 1-800-361-8068 Johnson & Johnson Mom’s Pack (Canada) [Verified 8.1.2007] Live operator.
  • 1-800-292-4794 “Lansinoh” samples – For Moist Wound Healing During Breastfeeding Live operator. They have samples of Lanolin Lansinoh, disposable nursing pads, milk storage bags and clean & conditioner cloths. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, Clean & Condition Cloths, Disposable Nursing Pads, Lanolin & Ultra Soft Nursing Pads.
  • 1-800-754-8853 Little Remedies coupons, info, and poster (Little Noses decongestant aids, Little Tummys gas and nausea relief, etc) Live operator. Sending out 3 coupons.
  • 1-800-222-9123 Free Mead/Johnson Coupons toward Enfamil, ProSobee, Other Formulas
  • 1-800-842-3030 Free Magnetic Dose Chart and $2 Coupon on Children’s Motrin Cold
  • 1-800-344-2229 For Munchkin coupons (for bottles, nipples, etc.)
  • 1-800-228-7408 Nature’s Goodness/Bay Valley Foods Baby Food “Mommy Pack”  Live operator.
  • 1-888-227-7122 Nature’s One Free Sample of Baby Formula Automated Call as per ubblue
  • 1-800-952-5080 Free Baby OraJel Coupons for Cherry Flavor and Nighttime Formula
  • 1-800-864-9714 Free Can of “Parent’s Choice” Soy or Milk Formula from Wal-Mart
  • 1-800-222-0453 OR 1-800-843-6430 Playtex For Multiple Births (3 months & younger) $7.00 Rebate on Diaper Genie – Live operator.
  • 1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil and Other Formula Coupons (Ross Pediatrics)
  • 1-800-518-2582 Similac/Ross Labs (Canadia) coupons and samples
  • 1-800-485-9918 Free Can of “Store Brand” Formula from PBM Products
  • 1-800-746-8888 ext. 715 Free sample of “Zilactin” Baby Teething Gel


  • (800) 838-2326 Eden Organic – Tea & Pasta Samples Live operator. When you call just tell them a friend referred you to get samples.
  • (866) 472-8679 Savory Creations Liquid Chicken, Beef & Turkey Broth Concentrate  Live operator
  • (800) 373-3769 Soy Sauce Coupon for Free Bottle + Recipes (AR., CA., NV., OR. & WA. only) Live operator.
  • (800) 453-8311 Free Sample of Veggie Wash Live operator.

Health & Beauty

  • (800) 875-9207 3 Day Supply Weight Loss Sample
  • (877) 477-6647 Free “Advair” Rescue Inhalers (4) to Qualified Asthma Sufferers
  • (877) 262-4360 Free “Ambien” Coupon
  • (866) 347-2492 Free $25 Rebate on “At Last” Blood Glucose Testing System
  • (888) 557-8839 Free Arthritis Medication from Searle if Qualified to Take Part in Study
  • (800) 257-8650 Bean-O Gas Prevention Sample Live operator.
  • (800) 668-8968 Beano (Canada Only) [color=”Navy”]
  • (800) 448-1448 Canker Cover (patch) Live operator. They will send out samples.
  • (800) 597-2267 Centrum Multi-Vitamins – Healthy Habits Starter Kit
  • (800) 831-9505 Free “Cerni Queen” Defense Supplement sample
  • (800) 831-9505 Cervital Antioxidant Sample
  • (800) 721-1331 Free coupon for Ciba vision contact lenses
  • (888) 433-8765 Free “Detrol” Urinary Medicine Product Coupon
  • (800) 368-8811 DiabEase skincare products. Live operator.
  • (888) 235-3265 Dr Christopher’s Original Formula Live operator. Vital Herb (multivitamin), Mindtrack (for mental clarity) & something for your lower bowel.
  • (888) 345-6709 “Doctor Mindell” Nutritional Product sample
  • (800) 854-0249 Free “Emergen-C” Mineral Ascorbates sample from Alacer (x 7) Live operator. Sending out several samples of Emergen-C products
  • (800) 986-8510 Ensure Sample (Don’t pick an option, just stay on the line.) Live operator. Once only.
  • (800) 301-0016, (800) 598-1990 Excedrin-PM Aspirin Free Sample
  • (800) 231-7958 Free 10-pc Roll of “Fiber Choice” Fiber Supplement
  • (800) 356-6273 Free “Flonase” Nasal Spray $5 Rebate and Allergy Newsletter
  • (800) 999-6069 Focus Contac Lenses for Free
  • (800) 776-8366 Free “High-Gar” Farms Garlic Supplement
  • (800) 464-8739 Imitrex Migraine Relief Tablets or Spray/Glaxo Smith Kline Discounts & information Automated call.
  • (800) 743-2404 Instead Tampon Alternative
  • (888) 464-3336 JointFlex Pain Relieving Cream/SmartScience Laboratories  Live operator. Will send out a sample of JointFlex.
  • (877) 465-8836 Free “Juven” Drink Mix sample (Ross/Abbott Laboratories) – Helps Fight Muscle Loss (Juven website) Live operator. Once only.
  • (800) 435-7548 Lactaid Sample and Lactoce Intolerant Test Kit
  • (800) 522-8243 (Press 2) Lactaid Sample & Pill Box
  • (888) 858-7266 Lactaid Ultra Sample [color=”Navy”]
  • (877) 528-3727 Lavera – They offer various beauty products. I think they are organic products. Live operator. They are going to send samples.
  • (888) 547-4867 Free Lipitor Cholesterol Medicine Coupon
  • (888) 246-6839 Free “MacroForce” Nutritional Supplement sample from ImmuDyne
  • (800) 962-5357 McNeil Consumer Healthcare – Live operator, the two I spoke to were super nice. This is going to be long.Benecol, Immodium, Motrin, Nizoral, Tylenol, St. Josephs’s Aspirin, Lactaid, Mylanta, Mylicon, Pepcid AC, Pepcid Complete, Splenda, Viactiv Products You can receive up to 7 or 8 samples with coupons. They ask that you only call once every 3 months.
  • (800) 589-1509 (press 2) MediFreeze Sample Jar of Advanced Cold Therapy (1/4oz samples) Automated.
  • (800) 983-4237 (press 0) Metamucil/Fibersure (P&G) Sample – Live Operator They don’t have samples right now. She said check back in the future. (800) 278-4845 Free “MetroGel” Rosacea Medicine $5 Rebate
  • (877) 772-4362 Travel Size Pack (1 dose) Nano Greens & NanoPro PRP  Live operator. NanoPro PRP samples are OOS right now, but ask for them because they are expecting to get them in.
  • (800) 449-1238 Free “Nasonex” Allergy Relief Spray $5 Rebate
  • (800) 463-9486 Free “Nexium” Acid Reflux Medicine Trial
  • (888) 262-8765 Natrol Live operator. They will send out Easy C (vitamin C),Slenderite (weight reduction w/caffine), Omega C & a Chewable Papaya Enzyme.
  • (800) 833-8737 OR (800) 672-8241 Natural Balance Herbal Stimulant Sample from Pep
  • (800) 480-4810 Neutrogena Soap Dish Live operator
  • (800) 662-2544 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Automated. Works 24 hours a day. OP says 8-4:30 PST it is a live operator but I called during those hours & got the automated system.
  • (888) 246-7224, 1-888-541-3997 Free “NSC-24″ for Immune System Nutrition sample
  • (800) 688-3933 Odorless Garlic
  • (888) 678-4644 Free “OptiMune” sample – A Concentrated Natural Dietary Supplement
  • (888) 483-8641 Pain-relieving cream
  • (800) 523-9971 (Ext. 605) Penn Herb Company Sample of OLBAS (Herbal Product for Colds)
  • (888) 773-5433 Prelief
  • (800) 905-3396 Free “Prodium” Urinary Pain Medicine Coupon
  • (800) 645-3752 Queen Helene Jason Line Skin Lotion Live operator, he sounded kind of bored.
  • (800) 274-6601 Reality The Female Condom
  • (877) 447-3243 Rebif Travel Kit (For people with MS who use Rebif) Live operator. Will send out travel packs (for my step-mother-in-law).
  • (800) FEELDRY Rejoice Bladder Control Protection
  • (800) 548-3663 Rembrandt Toothpaste Free Gift Live operator. Also answer a 2 question survey on use of dental floss & receive a $5.00 off coupon for Rembrandt Toothpaste.
  • (800) 940-8423 Tend Skin – They offer various products Live operator. They are going to send me samples. It will take 2-3 weks to get here.
  • (800) 472-2634 Free sample of “Scandishake” Calorie Rich Shake Mix for Weight Gain Press 3 Live operator. They have chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.
  • (888) 666-1188 Sweet Water Natural Products Free Sample Of Green Zinger (Probiotics) Supplement Drink
  • (800) 373-3832 Traditional Medicinal Herbal Tea Sample Live operator. Takes about 8 weeks to receive.
  • (888) 935-5543 Triaminic & Theraflu coupons Coupons Live operator.
  • (800) 487-6526 Free sample of Ultra Pleasure condoms
  • (800) 441-5656 Free from Up-Time Sports (Etc.) -Time Nutritional Supplement samples Will send sample packets of their nutritional. herbal. masculine & multivitamin lines.
  • (800) 992-1672 Valerian Herb Sample Live operator.
  • (800) 831-5715 OR (800) 773-7271 Free “Valtrex” Herpes Medicine Information Kit and Product Coupon
  • (800) 686-0743 Free “Vision Pro Xtra” Nutritional Drink Mix sample (say “free sample”)
  • (800) 243-8482 VivaLife Science Yes Pak Vitamins & Minerals Supplement Samples
  • (800) 746-8888 Zilactin medicated lip balm
  • (800) 401-6415 OR (800) 421-6042 Free “Zomig” Migraine Medicine $5 Coupon
  • (800) 499-7832 Free “Zyrtec” Allergy Medicine Coupons and Free Trials


  • 800.958.5105 Free Metal Detecting Adventure Kit
  • 800.451.8311 Free Report on Sciatica
  • 866.343.7283 Students Against Violence Everywhere Starter Kit

Pet Care Product Samples & Coupons

  • (800) 257-8650 Curtail Anti-Gas Medicine for Your Pet
  • (800) 843-4008 Nature’s Recipe Homestyle Cat and Dog Food Free Samples
  • (800) 548-8686 Pure Breath Breath Freshener for Pets Samples & Coupon
  • (800) 228-2273 Purina Cat Chow Coupon & Literature
  • (800) 652-0330 Purina Cat/Dog Food Sample
  • (800) 548-8367 Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Club
  • (888) 606-2275 Purina One Challenge
  • (800) 652-6060 Purina Pro-plan Cat/Dog Food – Choose a Sample or $4 Off
  • (800) 553-7900 Purina Pro-Plan Cat/Dog Food Sample
  • (800) 531-2390 Vallet Vet Supply, Heinz Pet Products
  • (800) 252-7022, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Line
  • (800) 445-5777, The IAMS Company
  • (800) 525-4267, Kal Kan Foods, Inc.
  • (800) 525-5273, Pet-AG
  • (800) 323-0877, The Quaker Oats Company
  • (800) 4MY-PETS Alpo Frisbee Training Manual for Dogs with over $4.00 in Coupons 888 444-2576
  • Canine Principle : 1-800-705-2111 Free 8 oz sample of “Canine Principle” Dog Food (in Cat Fancy)
  • Cat Watch : 1-800-829-8893 Free Issue of “Cat Watch” – The Newsletter for Cat People (in Cat Fancy)
  • Feeding Horses : 1-800-227-8941 Free Booklet “A Complete Guide to Feeding Adult Horses” from Purina
  • Feline Principle : 1-800-705-2111 Free 8 oz sample of “Feline Principle” Cat Food (in Cat Fancy)
  • Fish Are Fun : 1-800-526-0650 Free “Fish Are Fun” Informative Booklet from Tetra Pet Products (30 pg)
  • Life Source : 1-800-211-9180 Free sample of “Life Source” Health Food for Cats and Dogs (in Dog Fancy)
  • Nuture : 1-800-705-2111 Free sample of “Nurture” Veterinarian Style Dog Food (in Dog Fancy)
  • Pet Owner’s Supplement and Remedies Guide Free from Dancing Paws 888- 644-7297
  • Pet Products Plus : 1-800-592-6687 Free sample of Pet Products Plus Cat Food (in Cat Fancy)
  • Pet Products Plus : 1-800-592-6687 Free sample of Pet Products Plus Dog Food (in Dog Fancy)
  • Pet Scoop Video : 1-800-738-2880 Free Video on the “Pet Scoop” Portable Scooper (from Pet Star website)
  • Pet Training Video : 1-800-793-6510 Free Video from Radio Systems on Pet Training Systems
  • Pure Breath Freshener for Pets samples and coupons 31280 Oak Crest Dr., #1 Westlake Village, CA 91361
  • Purina Cat Chow Coupon & Literature (800) CAT-CARE
  • Purina O.N.E. : 1-800-787-0078
  • ProPlan ProClub : 1-800-851-3148 Free “ProPlan ProClub” (Cat Breeders of 5+) – Rebates/Special Offers
  • Purina Puppy Chow : 1-800-956-0899 Free sample of Purina Puppy Chow
  • Sojourner Farms Pet Food Mix Sample (88 867-6567
  • Trading Faces : 1-800-227-3101 Free Pet Trading Cards sample from “Trading Faces

Baby Resource Information

  • 1-877-986-9472 Free pregnancy planner from the National Women’s Health Resource Center and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association. It’s a 10 month blank calendar loaded with pregnancy tips and information.
  • 1-888-663-4637 Free Booklets and Information for Moms-to-Be from the March of Dimes
  • 1-800-843-5678 “Just in Case You Need a Babysitter” Safety Booklet ask for booklet #12
  • 1-800-843-7625 ext. 3076 For a “You’re A New Parent!” Guide from Prudential Insurance
  • 1-888-232-6789 Free “Folic Acid and It’s Role in Preventing Birth Defects” Booklet, good for before and during pregnancy.
  • 1-888-SF EVENT (1-888-733-8368) Free Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year from State Farm
  • 1-800-777-2500 “Preventing and Treating Your Baby’s Diaper Rash” pamphlet, and a $1 off any size from Balmex
  • 1-800-729-6686 Free Guide “For a Strong and Healthy Baby” ask for “phd603″
  • 1-800-944-4773 For women after childbirth: a pamphlet called “Depression After Delivery” to help you determine if you have postpartum blues or need help with deeper feelings.
  • 1-800-587-DAVS For free information on ear infections and a booklet on you baby’s language development and hearing
  • 1-800-INFANT-A Free information on Advantage Sound and motion Bassinets
  • 1-800-400-3430 Free information on why you should have your baby’s umbilical cord blood savedl
  • 1-800-624-9659 Free information on homeopathic medicines for children
  • 1-800-430-0222 Free information on BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listening device
  • 1-800-433-9016 American Academy of Pediatrics FREE Parent Resource Guide
  • 1-800-222-0453 Playtex Product Booklets and Informationl
  • 1-800-872-2229 Heinz Baby Food Booklet
  • 1-888-935-5543 Triaminic Free information
  • 1-800-962-5357 Tylenol information
  • 1-800-526-3967 Johnson & Johnson for “New Parent’s Pack” info
  • 1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil or Other Formula Educational Materials
  • 1-888-746-2852 Free Pregnancy/Childbirth Questions Answered by Helix Health Care
  • 1-800-311-2229 Free Prenatal Care Hot Line from US Dept of Health/Human Services

Baby Safety Tips

  • 1-800-985-2220 Safety Kit for Halogen Lamps
  • 1-800-506-4636 Window Covering Safety Council free childproofing kit for window blinds
  • 1-877-UL-4-SAFE Free home safety tips
  • 1-800-638-2772 Toy Safety” Coloring Book for kids (ask for item #283) and you can also ask for a booklet on safe playground tips for children 1-800-638-2772 Free “Child Care Safety Checklist” and Baby Safety Info
  • 1-800-985-2220 Free “Bulb Guard” Safety Kits for Halogen Lamps (request by postcard)
  • 1-800-604-1995 Free video on water contamination, lead exposure, health effects, and what parents can do to protect their children

Baby Books, Catalogs, Magazines

  • 1-800-633-0303 Motherwear catalog for moms who breastfeed
  • 1-800-432-KIDS Fisher Price catalog and information
  • 1-800-544-1847 Free Kimberley-Clark (Huggies, Pull-Ups) Proof-of- Purchase Catalog, call
  • 1-800-GO CEDAR Cedar free video for playsets, and catalog
  • 1-800-533-6708 The 1st years product catalog
  • 1-800-678-1208 Introductory Subscription to American Baby Magazine for Expecting Parents
  • 1-800-242-5200 Carnation “The Very Best” Magazine
  • 1-800-533-5437 Free Little Me – Babywear Catalog
  • 1-800-408-7633 Free breast pump catalog and infant care catalog from US Medical Corp
  • 1-800-966-6847 Free Maternity clothes catalog for Maternity Factory Outlet
  • 1-800-MY5-TOES Free children’s shoes catalog
  • 1-888-344-BABY “Your Baby’s Development,” a color booklet about child development from birth to 18 months
  • 1-800-4-MOM2BE Free Motherhood Maternity Catalog, they also have nursing cloths and plus sizes
  • 1-800-727-3682 Risk-Free Trial of “Parents” Magazine

Other Baby Related Items

  • 1-800-505-2742 Free “Back to Sleep” SIDS Safety Stickers, Video, Babysitter Reminder Card
  • 1-888-933-5383 Free Pregnancy guide cdrom
  • 1-800-311-2055 Free “Gerber Grow-Up Plan” Insurance Information Packet and Application
  • 1-800-554-7637 Free “Healthtex” Child Immunization Chart and Playwear Sizing Guide
  • 1-888-748-5433 Free “Pregnancy Bracelet” Video – For the Life of Your Baby
  • 1-888-935-5543 Free “Triaminic” Cough & Cold Tracker for Kids – Handy Record Keeper
  • 1-800-522-7300 Schering Plough free video on child allergies and pollen index chart
  • 1-800-637-0701 Free “Parents Resource Video” – Help in Dealing with Troubled Teens
  • 1-800-843-5678 Free “Eight Rules of Safety” Child Safety Poster from NCMEC (#28)

Health Information

  • 1-800-252-7463 Free “Clarinex” Medicine Product Information
  • 1-800-463-9486 Free “Nexium” Acid Reflux Medicine Information
  • 1-800-643-1400 Free “Peoples Prescription Plan” Brochure – Save on Your Prescriptions
  • 1-877-262-4360 Free “Ambien” 10-Day Sleep Diary and Product Information
  • 1-800-272-3900 Free Alzheimer’s Association Booklets, Info & Contacts to Local Agencies
  • 1-800-268-6234 Free “Coumadin” Tablet Dispenser, Brochures and Dosage Calendar
  • 1-800-245-1040 Free “Abreva” Non-Precription Cold Sore Medicine Information
  • 1-800-423-8247 877-423-8247 Free “Advair” Diskus Device Asthma Relief Medicine Information
  • 1-866-725-3272 Free “Aldara” Genital Wart Medicine Product Information
  • 1-877-426-2436 Free “Ambien” Prescription Sleep-Aid Product Information
  • 1-800-760-6029 Free “Aricept” Product Information and Memory Checklist
  • 1-800-477-3530, 1-800-778-6580 Free “Avlimil” Product Information
  • 1-888-235-3273 Free “Celebrex” Osteoarthritis Medicine Product Information
  • 1-800-252-7463 Free “Clarinex” Medicine Product Information
  • 1-800-252-7484 Free “Claritin” Allergy Medicine Product Information
  • 1-888-336-2847 Free “Denavir” Cold Sore Medicine Product Information
  • 1-888-433-8765 Free “Detrol” Urinary Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-877-435-4335 Free “Elidel” Product Information
  • 1-800-342-1596 Free “Enbrel” Product Information
  • 1-877-436-9983 Free “Enzyte” Male Enhancement Supplement Product Information
  • 1-888-367-2629 Free “Fosamax” Osteoporosis Medicine Product Informatio
  • 1-800-464-8739 Free “Imitrex” Product Information
  • 1-888-791-1108 Free “Lexapro” Product Information
  • 1-888-547-4867 Free “Lipitor” Cholesterol Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-800-278-4845 Free “MetroGel” Rosacea Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-800-449-1238 Free “Nasonex” Allergy Relief Spray Information Kit
  • 1-800-437-7701 Free “Omeprazole” Product Information
  • 1-888-728-2665 Free “Patanol” Product Information
  • 1-888-657-2945 Free “Paxil” Anti-Depression Medicine Product Information
  • 1-877-475-2849 Free “Plavix” Product Information
  • 1-866-477-3822 Free “Prevacid” Product Information
  • 1-888-567-7386 Free “Prevnar” Meningitis Vaccine Booklet and Information Hot-Line
  • 1-888-771-4839 Free “Procrit” Anemia Medicine for Chemotherapy Patients Information
  • 1-800-905-3396 Free “Prodium” Urinary Pain Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-888-436-8664 Free “Protopic” Prescription Medicine for Eczema Information
  • 1-800-459-1682 Free “Remicade” Product Information
  • 1-877-726-4276 Free “Retin-a Micro” Product Information
  • 1-888-637-2588 Free “Singulair” Product Information
  • 1-800-526-6367 Free “Soriatane” Medicine for Psoriasis Treatment Product Information
  • 1-800-411-4210 Free “Strattera” Product Information
  • 1-800-831-5715, 1-800-773-7271 Free “Valtrex” Herpes Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-888-846-9922 Free “Vioxx” Osteoarthritis Medicine Product Information
  • 1-800-493-5528 Free “Wellbutrin” Anti-Depressant Medicine Product information
  • 1-877-935-6676 Free “Zelnorm” Product Information
  • 1-888-637-2533 Free “Zocor” Cholesterol Lowering Medicine Product Information
  • 1-800-636-5638 Free “Zoloft” Anti-Depressant Medicine Product Information
  • 1-800-401-6415, 1-800-421-6042 Free “Zomig” Migraine Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-800-499-7832 Free “Zyrtec” Allergy Medicine Information and Free Trials
  • 1-800-283-7800 Free Joint Health Kit with Healthful Tips from the Arthritis Foundation
  • 1-888-977-7867, 1-888-650-7455 Free “Zyban” Stop Smoking Medicine Information Kit
  • 1-888-345-6709 Free “Doctor Mindell” Nutritional Product Brochure
  • 1-800-937-8728 Free “Through Time into Healing” Regression Therapy Seminar Brochure

Health Books

  • 1-800-449-3885 Free “Osteoporosis: Could You Be At Risk?” Booklet from Lilly
  • 1-800-757-4065 Free “The Scourge of Prozac” Booklet and Newsletter from the 700 Club
  • 1-800-332-2259 Free “Bayer Aspirin” Booklet on Aspirin, Heart Attacks and Strokes
  • 1-800-987-3200 Free “Health Insurance for People with Medicare” Manual from United
  • 1-800-344-4533, 1-800-752-7099 Free “Life Alert” the Personal Emergency Response for Seniors Booklet
  • 1-800-356-4674 Free “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” Books on Symptoms, Research, Prevention
  • 1-800-641-0444 Free “Benefits of Home Health Care” Booklet from Interim HealthCare
  • 1-800-373-7981 Free “Acne and Ways to Treat It” Booklet from Roche Acne Research
  • 1-800-222-6239 Free “The Key Facts on Losing Weight” Booklet from “Xenical” Capsules
  • 1-800-222-2225 Free “Exercise: Guide from the National Institute on Aging” (in Health)
  • 1-800-946-8098 Free “Helping Your Overweight Child” Booklet from WCIN (Moneysworth)
  • 1-800-638-5433 Free “Choosing a Physician” & “Choosing a Dentist” Books from MetLife
  • 1-800-281-9106 Free “Synvisc” Booklet on this New Drug-Free Knee Arthritis Treatment
  • 1-800-483-7342 Free “Healthy Home & Healthy Kids” Home Safety Book from HUD/FHA
  • 1-800-937-0500 Free “Natural Vitamin Handbook” from Nature’s Plus Supplements
  • 1-800-732-6643 Free “Healthy Bones for Life” Booklet about Osteoporosis and Prevention
  • 1-800-473-3300 Free “Five Steps to Losing Weight” from Weight Watchers (New Woman)
  • 1-800-245-1212 Free “Medicare: What it Covers and Doesn’t” AARP Members Booklet
  • 1-800-718-2434 Free “Quit Smoking Forever” with Herbs/Aromatherapy from SmokeAway
  • 1-800-420-4726 Free “20 Gram Diet” Pocket Diet Book with Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • 1-800-826-3632 Free “Medication Strategies for Bipolar Disorder” Book from NDMDA
  • 1-800-826-3632 Free “Dealing Effectively with Manic Depresssion ” Book from NDMDA
  • 1-800-422-6327 Free “Beat the Smokeless Habit” from Nat’l Cancer Institute (#93-3270)
  • 1-800-422-6327 Free “Tobacco Effects in Mouth” from Nat’l Cancer Institute (#94-3330)

Pet Supply Catalogs

  • (800) 524-0820 Cherrybrook Dog Supplies
  • (800) 826-7206 Foster & Smith Puppy Training Guide
  • (800) 526-0388 J-B Pet Supplies
  • (800) 738-4584 Natural Pet Products

Home Furnishings & Improvement

  • (800) GET-PINK Home Energy Saving Kit
  • (800) 438-7465 Insulation Samples
  • (800) 321-3444 Wood Care Guide from The Flood Company