Family – one’s own flesh and blood…Janice Bessinger Holman

I have an “aunt” who, when her father died, omitted my mother from the obituary (her sister and his daughter), on purpose…. She was bitter because she chose to soley take care of her father in the later years, bitter that others would not help her cash her father’s Social Security checks, I mean, help take care of him.
Amazing how some people can publicize their incompetence and show such a willful disregard for siblings and good common sense.

The funny thing is, she used to be wonderfully awesome. She offered me my first chance to smoke pot (I didn’t inhale of course). What happened, one’s guess?

What’s funnier? Her brother Michael, an MBA and former executive of Chrysler sided with her. There are not many times in one’s life where one can say, “it was on this day we were no longer family”. Fortunately and sometimes unfortunately, I have the uncanny luck in life to experience the peculiar. This is one of those rare times it is unfortunate.

I think her name is Janice Holman, Janice Tubbs or Janice Bessinger, no one really knows at this point, I prefer to call her by her given name, “Ass“.

As a side note, I do not want to detract from the passing of Louis Bessinger, my grandfather.  I enjoyed my years knowing him and while he was distant as my children grew up, I cherished creating a memorial site to his name.  A site that his son and daughter (Janice and Mike, never visited).

We learn from our lives and the histories of others.  I hope in my life people can at least say, I have been a good father, parent, brother and husband.


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  1. i want to post this comment from my point of view. where was everyone when grandpa was dying. no one bothered to show up. our door was never closed to anyone. and for derek to make those comments is uncalled for. i don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. he’s been in enough trouble in his life we all know about and never blasted him on the internet about it. I know that side of the family is very up tight with the faith of god, so he better pray i never see him cause he won’t have a jaw to talk such nonsence. to the rest of the family i love you guys very much and think about everyone all the time. Derek grow the hell up you big cry baby. life is not always just about you. if you have something to say to me you know where to find me.

  2. WOW! Her own sister actually didn’t include her sister in the obituary – that is pretty amazing. Not one for drama but I happend to read this and thought it was interesting enough to comment on. She sounds like a candidate for Monster-in-laws!!! LAWLLLLLL.

  3. We all get what we deserve – its unfortunate and yes trouble has happened. Those who bruise their knees are those aren’t sitting still in life and are doing something worthwhile. Those who push others to the ground deserve what they get. And I protect my mother…

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