Flint Michigan water poisoned and told to relax!

Flint Michigan water poisoningFlint Michigan water was poisoned  and their children are going to suffer from lead poisoning.

A doctor said that the Flint Michigan water has poisoned the children and they will have cognitive and other problems in the coming years…

State of Emergency Declared in the City of Flint of and County

It appears that Flint decided to change its water supply to save money, from the Huron River to the Flint river.  A decision to save money and someone flipped the faucet and poisoned the residents and children of Flint on a huge scale.  The improperly treated “corrosive water” caused the pipes to leak large volumes of lead.

Then they cut to a scene where a phone recording was playing by an official with a department of the State of Michigan, telling the public to relax.

Okay wow…

The coverage said that the city had an option to postpone or cure the problem but a prevention to this disaster at least… The city had this option that would have cost around $100 a day. For a city’s health and their children, I could not believe what I was hearing.

Amway Espring to help fix Flint Michigan water poisoningYears ago we purchased a high-end Amway eSpring® UV Water Purifier for our water purification. We use for any instance where we plan on consuming it, soups, drinks, ice cubes and more. According to the Amway website and claimed independent testing:

The eSpring® System effectively removes lead, mercury, and asbestos. Even at low levels, lead poisoning may cause IQ deficiencies, reading and learning disabilities, impaired hearing, reduced attention spans, hyperactivity, and other behavior problems. Lead can exist in different forms in water, depending on the pH or acidity of the water. The eSpring System was tested at two different pHs to accurately determine that it is effective at reducing lead.

Its sobering to know that our family and my children would not have been affected by this tragedy and for that, I am humbled and grateful. Grateful to living slightly outside of the box and to question the norms and the assumed securities of this society.


I feel for the families in Flint and the dear children. They should pack up and leave the city and have a State and Federal government credit card in their pockets. A gesture from our fine government to say, “start over, on us”.

This should happen right now.  They should not have to continue to be exposed to or around the Flint Michigan water.

Other communities in Michigan MUST embrace and open the doors to these “refugees” – if we truly care about helping people and their enjoyment of life…it would be, well, neighborly.

Perhaps Amway might want to reach out to families, take a check from the government or do it as a good-will gesture and give each family and Espring water treatment system.

And they may want to get out soon. While some view this as a joke, it is clearly anything but funny. But a new, equally as bad tragedy is about to happen to the city of Flint and every poisoned resident.

The attorneys are coming and its regarding the Flint Michigan water poi$oning.

They are about to descend on and solicit every square foot of the city, now is the time to leave I tell you! Make haste! While I would like to drop bombs of common sense, critical thinking and proper planning to the land known as Flint, Michigan, instead every resident affected should hire an attorney. Yes, you heard me say it. There should be an army of one that stands up in that city and demands an answer, accountability and remedy for all damages caused by this. Assuming some can ever be corrected.

All the best to the residents of Flint, I hope your residents get better, do well and recover.

I will monitor the responses of those out there managing this debacle and fearlessly call them out if necessary. This is a very delicate and tragic situation and it needs leadership and quality thinkers.


Disclaimer: Because of lawyers I must say I am not advocating bombing of a city, or attorneys, just for the record. I care about a city structure much more than that. Regarding the attorneys…meh!

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