About Derek Gendron

Michigan, USA

Originally, many, many years ago I put this website together to play around with blogging software, test the outcome/output and any inherent vulnerabilities – the patch factor.  Its never been a focus, or a money maker (on purpose) but let’s see what the future holds.  Right now, it is what it is.   Perhaps you will find something useful here – if not, click here.

I began in the early 60’s as a little fellow, competing with other many little fellows swimming upstream.  Needless to say, I won – I didn’t quit.  Life would teach me how to persevere, despite the obstacles.

And I learn rapidly from my experiences.

Joined the swim team in school then the diving team, perhaps to continue my conquest.  And that has spilled over into the internet with relentless business pursuits.

For those of you that do not know me, I am someone who never gives up.  Its just not in my DNA.  I am harder on myself than anyone in this world could ever be, my standard is golden.  I make no apologies for expecting better from others.

I have a wonderful family (five kids) and a wife of 26 years.  We view life’s obstacles as opportunities that are temporarily wearing a costume.  Diamonds are created under enormous pressure, so pressure is, well, good!

Hopefully you will find use in what I post here, my goal is to post items that make sense.  If you have suggestions, rants or raves, by all means post them.

In my brief time on this earth, I have learned that there are three types of people who cross my path:

  • Those who understand,  (wisdom)
  • Those who can be shown how to understand, (understanding)
  • And those who will never understand. (mediocrity)

Which are you?



Derek Gendron