Derek Gendron NO FRAUD

Derek Gendron fights fraud claims and WINS – twice!

Derek Gendron fights fraud claims and wins in two separate court cases brought by incompetent counsel? For many years there have been a handful of people out of tens of thousands that I have interacted ....

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Google do no evil

Google enforces its original “Don’t be evil” mantra?

Google enforces its original "Don't be evil" mantra that it embraced from early 2000. What if they actually did look at certain people in society as "evil" and took action against them? Read below to ....

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Scammed by Ripoffreport

WARNING! Ripped off by

Ripoffreport LIED about Derek Paul Gendron Did you know that many RipoffReports are truly a ripoff and are simply not true - READ THIS?  RipOffReport benefits by lies and posts by COMPETITORS as it creates ....

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The Legal Drinking Age – Should we ALLOW drunk driving?

by Derek Gendron, April 3, 2008 The questions we should be asking: [caption id="attachment_58" align="alignleft" width="250"] Questions by Derek[/caption] Why are our minors, our children allowed to fight, serve and die for their country, but ....

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ATTENTION: Webhosts and ISP’s: What DMCA attorneys don’t want you to know!

by Derek Gendron, March 28, 2008 When we filed the Federal lawsuit against the big pattern companies and Digital River, we learned some of the tactics of attorneys that spouted Digital Millennium Copyright Act claims, ....

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