Derek Gendron NO FRAUD

Derek Gendron fights fraud claims and WINS – twice!

Derek Gendron fights fraud claims and wins in two separate court cases brought by incompetent counsel? For many years there have been a handful of people out of tens of thousands that I have interacted ....

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Google do no evil

Google enforces its original “Don’t be evil” mantra?

Google enforces its original "Don't be evil" mantra that it embraced from early 2000. What if they actually did look at certain people in society as "evil" and took action against them? Read below to ....

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Quitters never win

Quitters never win…in fact, they don’t even start the competition!

by Derek Gendron, July 27, 2011 It is important in any type of competition that you have the will to win.  Competing at any level requires that understanding the term, Quitters never win. I have ....

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The EMF Book by Mark A Pinsky (Derek’s Must Reads – 5 stars!)

This book may be hard to find and rightly so.   Most utility companies, anyone who creates a magnetically driven motor or uses electricity in their products, facilities or around their homes or business do ....

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