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College for free? If you believe that, you have already been schooled

College for free? If you believe that, you have already been schooled! I just had to say that twice.

There are many college students and graduates that have a glimmer of hope in some of the most recent campaign propaganda. There are reputable people out there running for the office of President of the United States and their campaigns are starting to take shape. “Wipe out student debt“, or “give you college for free” or something more interesting are some of the recent outtakes of campaigns.

If there are college students or graduates that believe that rhetoric, its a very sad commentary on the state of our educational institutions. Think about this for a second.

Could it be possible?

It appears that there are many college students and alumni that truly believe that there is a possibility of a wholesale wiping out of their student debt. Clearly they didn’t learn about democracy or capitalism or macro economics. That the college failed to teach them about debt, principal debt owners and about our finance and banking institutions.

Sadly, they have even failed to learn history. How you might ask?

Historically, candidates will make grand promises to get the attention of a base. To oust a leader and to elbow their way into a place on a debate stage. That’s historical, everyone should know that. If they are unaware of that, I squarely place blame on the collegial institution.

They lack common sense.

We have all had to buy things. To order things and pay for them. To payoff notes and to wait patiently when the money didn’t add up with the wants. We have all experienced it and we watched our relatives and just about everyone we know go through it too. Its part of society.

RULE; If you want something, you almost have to pay for those wants.

But what if you cannot pay for college? Great question, but the rule still applies. If you cannot pay for it, its a want that you cannot get OR you can can get it, but it will be costly (loans).

Could we get there one day? Perhaps, anything is possible with the creative minds of man and collective push. But in an election cycle – uh, no.

To think that one is going to attend college in an air-conditioned facility, use the latest technologies and books and be led by a competent Professor for free, is well, crazy. Perhaps the first class in high school should be Common Sense 101. Clearly, its not being taught in college.

Free college

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