I think my family owned slaves – SO WHAT??

I think my family owned slaves and don’t even know that generation as I have never been in cotton farming industry.

My question is this. What the hell does it have to do with me?

And, suppose that they beat them and tortured them and didn’t feed them correctly – pretty bad right? I mean, imagine if they stole their children and married them or even defiled them? What if they separated children from their parents and put them on other plantations and even made a profit, God forbid.

All pretty shitty, I agree.

But what the hell does that have to do with me? Why should anyone and I mean ANYONE bring it up, make a bullet point on any chart. Use it as any sort of argument against me at all? Should that be legal or extremely defamatory?

Crazy thinking or what?

Yet there are many, many media outlets doing just that. If a recent post on Twitter is any evidence of #FAKENEWS NBC’s recent discovery on Mitch McConnell is evidence one. Should we learn from history? Almost certainly. But framing history to poke someone in the eye is just HISTORICAL ABUSE. It should be a crime to distort history like that bringing history forward to attempt to alter or destroy the people of the here and now. And they even use terms like “outrun his past”, lol. Wow.

Its crazy how the left pounces on a historical facts of insignificance.

Yes, I said that.

Who the hell cares what distant generations did? I mean we all should learn from history, and clearly we have. But does that give anyone a license to use that historical lesson as a weapon? A weapon to discredit someone who had no influence on that behavior, nor any say at all on the decision processes?

I think not.

Who gives a shite about that paste element in anyone’s history? Rather, we should learn from history so that we are not doomed to repeat it.

If God himself cannot change the past, how the hell can we worry about it?

I think my family owned slaves. What the hell is anyone going to do about it?

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