A Record that truly matters

Some people just turn off the ability to think.

And with that wayward thinking, they create a record of their own. They rationalize the most reckless behavior by simply taking incidents from the past in one person’s life and using it to break the law. To harass, intimidate. To “destroy”.

For a moment, their minds lose all reasoning and capacity to think logically and make a proper decision. They are free to become like a caveman, like an illogical creature without the capacity to do what is right. I have seen people like this over and over again in life.

Why? That is a great question. I have spent my life trying to answer some of life’s greatest questions. How?

Failure has been my study.

I spent a life studying a failure of a step-father that beat me and hated me for not being his, not fitting into his mold. When I graduated from high school, he burned my high school diploma in the barbeque. And that only made me stronger, in mind and body.

Because I was a bad person? No, I had not smoked or consumed drugs or even had sex yet at that time in my life. It was because he was miserable with the failures in his own life and the inability to make a success at anything substantial in life. HE BLAMED OTHERS FOR HIS OWN INEPTITUDE.

In studying the failure of others and my own failures, I learned one thing. To accept your shortcomings and find a way to learn and better yourself as a result. And never, ever blame others when the seat of responsibility is yours.

Where do diamonds come from?

Someone once told me that diamonds are created under enormous pressure, just don’t crack under the pressure. As a result, the pressures in my life serve me. So I studied the mind and actions of a crazy person. (A parent that beats his kids and tries to destroy the emotions of a child IS a crazy person.)

We all have a record, good and bad.

Fast forward to now. I am not afraid to fight back when wronged and certainly not afraid of the facts of my life.

So someone thinks becuase you did something in your past, it is a blue ribbon for them for them to harass, intimidate and take away from you and your family. Its okay, because you are not perfect. Its okay, they are sure everyone will agree.

Well folks, I tell you, its not true. I am on a mission to prove that and hold those accountable for such behavior in State, Federal and public court. I am confident in the judges and juries to make decisions and let those who have taken this behavior see where the scales of justice tip, on the facts.

And its all going to be staged here, as a permanent record, a permanent record for me and THEM.

Names – Dates – Conduct – Defense to Conduct – Results

I have a record.

And because of that, I pay attention to the facts. I intend on establishing a very factual record here. Let these coming posts serve as a permanent, free-speech publication of the records of those who think their conduct is okay.

Get ready!

“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” – Donald Trump

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