Drinking age question

Legal Drinking Age – Should we ALLOW drunk driving?

by Derek Gendron, April 3, 2008

Legal drinking age questions we should be asking:

Why are our minors, our children allowed to fight, serve and die for their country, but cannot drink in many states until they are 21?

How is it legal for an 18 year old to drink on base while being in the military but illegal to be 18 and not in the military but drinking?

Posed differently.

Why don’t we protect our children until they are 21 from the draft and serving in the military?

Another thought.

Who approves the design, layout and needs of a parking lot in a nightclub that serves alcohol?

How about this way?

If this country is so damn serious about drunk-driving and endangering the innocent, why do bars hand the keys from valet to someone they just collected money from, for drinks purchased from them. Is this contributory negligence?

More questions…

If someone is driving drunk doing the speed limit, but still endangering lives, should the police press a high-speed chase if it ensues?  Isn’t this further endangering even more lives and increasing the probability of a disastrous outcome? Is there an alternative to the high-speed chase?

Hmmm.  Just thinking.

— Derek


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