The Watchmen by Warner Brother’s – my review…

by Derek Gendron, July 2, 2009

Warner Brothers, the company that gives our children Bugs Bunny, has gifted this world with a depressing piece of paid for garbage, under the mask of being a “super-hero” flick.  The Watchmen. Undoubtedly, kids across the nation have seen this film. As a result, having been horribly scarred by the visual horrors and underlying themes of defeatism.   I doubt many movie-goers enjoyed their popcorn. For example, the ever-flowing lakes of glistening blood and horror, put early Halloween movies to shame.

The Watchmen movie review

Mindless garbage

I am simply amazed that such a piece of garbage film would make it to the theaters without a cigarette type warning label, Warning – this movie is unhealthy for children and adults – take it in at your own risk.

Director Zach Snyder was quoted as saying by Borys Kit, “I’m proud of the movie (The Watchmen). It does everything I wanted it to,” .  I wonder if Snyder has an agenda to numb the nation to horrors of death and dying, to numb the youth into blurring the lines between right and wrong, to question all authority or to succumb to certain defeat?  Hmmm, perhaps that is what he meant…similar to Google’s hidden motives!

To Parents on the Watchmen:

If you do not mind exposing your child to very visual effects of a person taking an axe to the head repeatedly, in full color – send your children to this film.  When your goal is to teach kids that there is no right and wrong, that authority figures are bad, then by all means buy them this dvd.  And where you think there is value in programming kids whose frontal-lobe is not yet fully developed to believe that the only way to solve problems is violence, then this is the ticket.  Above all, if you don’t mind your kids seeing a blue “super-hero” walking around in full nudity, with it swinging in the blue lit wind, go ahead…no wait, actually don’t.  That would be wrong.  Geez…

To Warner Brothers:

Is it really that bad in your industry that you have to stoop to shock our both the adults AND the children?  Seriously, was there a boardroom meeting where you determined to keep the axe scene in?   Was it determined that this would be “home movie entertainment”?  Oh wait, your staff probably took a corporate trip to Russia to hunt live humans – that’s my guess anyway.  One would have imagined that such a wholesome company would at least file a separate DBA labeled Cutting Edge Entertainment or something similar.  Nope, just brutal honesty and the “we don’t give a f**k what people think” decision to put out such garbage.  Now, parents and those who care about children and other family members, (yes kids older than 11 – 25 who could watch your film) will be encouraged otherwise when the label says “Warner Brothers”.  ANY film labeled as such.

To Zach Snyder:

We have not met but I must give you my congratulations.  I forced myself to get past the first 20 minutes in order to effectively write this review.  Throughout it, I kept waiting for the film to melt, the camera to cut away to a bright lit stage. And on that stage stands a well-dressed director who would walk out and apologize.  To shed a tear and say sorry.   Zach, you can do better.   I must say that even the artistic value of the film was a stretch.  You could have eliminated many scenes and made this a watchable film.  Now, parents us like us will have to avoid ALL films directed by Mr. Zach Snyder.  Your talent is better than what was portrayed in The Watchmen.  I envy the opportunity you have to correct this.

The Watchmen (by Warner Brother’s standard) is a horrible waste of cinematic investment.  As a result, my 17 year old son who was allowed admission, had sense enough to walk out 30 minutes into the film, call his dad and say, what a bunch of garbage.

Out of the mouth of babes…now that is a real review of The Watchmen.

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