Facebook – Good or bad for a free democracy?

by Derek Gendron, January 4, 2011.


In my brief experience with Facebook, I do have to say this. I was hit with a tomato. Someone tossed a funny icon of Hillary at me. Strange and sometimes funny posts were written on my wall. In short order, I came away from the site knowing that between Facebook and Myspace, Facebook rocks.

Myspace is very messy code with little or no creative standard in any sense of the imagination. Facebook on the other hand has a nice, clean, bland standard, something like this site. Sure you can muck it up adding stuff, but overall its clean.

The programmers are coding…

I read the other day that Facebook was opening its code up to developers and the creative element. I swallowed hard, my left eye twitched and I readied my battle gear. As a fervent critic of Myspace, I was ready to take arms up about Facebook. Let us see how well they manage this power.


My eldest son said, dad, everyone uses Facebook- it’s easier than email.   That appears to be true and it seems like everyone is embracing it.

When e-mail started, traditional letter writing took a hit. Now, we have the social networking behemoths like Facebook, will traditional communications take a hit as well? I believe that we will see a change in the e-mail process as well as traditional telephone calls. I predict that everyone will be able to communicate via video using your Facebook account either a computer or handheld device at any time.

This will revolutionize communications and wow that is wonderful. I still have reservations about mapping our minds on social networking sites.  People must step back and ask themselves, why are they given us this great thing for free?

Mind mapping at its best.

There is no greater report being built than the mapping of your minds on a social networking. MySpace has already mapped many of people’s seedy sides and Facebook is collecting the rest. And then you have to consider the data collection monsters like Google. There is going to be a very unique report on every individual in this world, accessible by anybody with money. And that should scare the hell out of you, right now!

Mark of the beast.

Growing up in church, one of the biggest and most frightening aspects was a prediction that we would be faced with the ‘mark of the beast’. Something that would have to be attached to the body or the forehead for easy identification. And that was very fearful for many people growing up in the church community. Sermon after sermon educated the church that they may be have the choice to die first or take the mark.

Let’s be real.

That may sound extreme to many of you, and I think that is funny. People could brand me as a conspiracy theorist or somebody who is overboard with the worry factor. But that is okay. Mapping of every desire and every thought that you do in your life will haunt you someday! You may not see it directly, right away. Perhaps it will affect your insurance rates in the future. Or maybe it will prevent you from getting and keeping a job. Or worse case, even to get and keep a spouse. Guard your information on Facebook carefully. You must or someone will use it against you or your family.

Its very entertaining to post. It makes people feel like they are categorizing their minds. They are putting their emotions and events in nice, neat order. Its a good feeling to see clothes neatly stacked away in a closet. Same with events, feelings and friends.

Its a connectivity thing…

Everyone feels more connected. They feel like they are empowered with more friends. I think that gives a great feeling of confidence building to some. Power to others.

Growing up in this country we had the freedom to say, “the government can’t read our minds”.

They can now.

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