Steve Jobs iamgrateful

Steve Jobs – iAmGrateful

Steve Jobs – iAmGrateful, I think we all can say that.

Steve Jobs inspired people worldwide and changed the way we communicate, email, take pictures and listen to music.

We have all had our share of people that inspire us, who lead us to new and novel ways to approach life and decisions that influence our destiny.   Our parents, teachers, peers and employers or partners in life.

Our inspirations in life.

Some of us have used shows like Star Trek to inspire the thought of creativity and the excitement of hope that change is a certainty and the possibilities are breath-taking.  Others embrace comedy to help cope with a life riddled with stresses that would crush the average human being.   People pursue religions to embrace a brotherhood, a sense of community and awareness that there is a creator who gave us the gifts that we so freely use without royalties.

We embrace sports and alcohol and drugs and all sorts of deviations to make our lives better and more fulfilled even if its temporary, superficial or misplaced pursuit.  We find happiness in things that make us happy, technologies and even coffee and candy, it gives us pleasure.

Steve Jobs gave us the future.

He put in our hands, in our pockets, in each ear and in our briefcases.  Steve Jobs gave us the future to carry in backpacks and to reach others to give us more joy, more connectivity and a better life. He labeled with an I so that we all would know and preserve the fact that we are individuals who need others.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin 

His pursuit of perfection, the focus on absolute clarity in execution was unmatched.

But, I feel I could only do him such a disservice by trying to explain who he was in this blog, what he meant to this world, to the human population, but I can say this.

He influenced me.

He had an influence on me in ways that cannot be explained here.  But he gave me hope, focus and the will to know that the past does not equal the future.  And that the future is ours to hold, change and use at will.  Its iTime. Let me say it again:

Steve Jobs iAmGrateful

My younger brother died in 1997 after being electrocuted while building a home for his mother.  A young man who sacrificed his life, the pursuit of his own dreams, to create a good memory for his mother. Our mother, who occasionally suffered at the physical hands of a cowardly husband. 

He was passionate about a dream to make another person’s life better.  Selflessly focused on and driven by another person’s happiness.  That is a rare individual, I think we all can agree.  Since that day, I have not been so moved by the passing of another on this earth, until I heard of Steve Jobs passing yesterday.  I was deeply saddened knowing that the good do most certainly die young.

He will truly be missed – thank you Steve for changing my life. It can be summed up in one word that spell check does not like, but should learn:


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