Scammed by Ripoffreport

WARNING! Ripped off by

Ripoffreport LIED about Derek Paul Gendron

Scammed by Ripoffreport

Did you know that many RipoffReports are truly a ripoff and are simply not true – READ THIS?  Consequently, RipOffReport benefits by lies and posts by COMPETITORS as it gets traffic created by these reports. 

It boosts their rankings on the internet and rankings = big $$$.  As a result, people who believe their outright lies are falling right into their SCAM!  Just by visiting and reading this garbage, you are helping to further spread the lies and deceit published. So, think about that.


FACT:   6,006 results for Derek Gendron – Google Search

FACT:   There are 100 people in the US/Canada named Derek Gendron. –

FACT:   There is a different Derek Gendron in Florida with an arrest record:

Ripoff report lies about Derek Gendron
This is not me!!

FACT:  People often cite and confuse the two (of over 100) Derek Gendrons

More facts!

FACT:  You are not alone believing this crap. Please, do yourself a favor and stop referencing this trash of a website.  If someone posts on Ripoffreport you are pedophile or murderer, you know what you can do about it?  NOTHING! 

Don’t click on it!

You can post a reply back and you just feed their money engine. As a result, your post will climb higher in the search engines. And when it happens to you, perhaps you will create a website like this to defend your good name!


and the competitors and scammers who use it to destroy the good names of those citizens of this country. , former U.S. Marines who served the country and who have children and families.

TO HELL WITH those who read it and believe it

– we have no place in OUR LIVES for them!FACT:  You believe the real truth or are you those who believe tabloids? And for God’s sake, clean up your browser and computer, these companies are tracking every move you make, every post and every site you visit.  Stop wasting time on this earth reading trash that excites you and makes you look for an excuse not to move forward in life…. Best wishes!The real Derek Gendron.

CLICK HERE FOR a very important article on CALL RECORDING

*  This is a fair use, public service announcement.  Any images used are used in compliance with all laws as they reference my person, my name or are benefiting using my identifiers.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Oi I read this too and followed the link to your site. I think it was out of curiosity but I have known you and your family for 30 years – what a joke! I watched the video and will be writing my congressman about this too before it happens to me or someone in my family, what a terrible situation!! Love you Derek, kiss the kids!

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